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Monday, August 9, 2010

Library Report for Fiscal Year 2009 - 2010

At the last Library Advisory Board meeting on July 21, 2010, Thayla Wright present a report on various functions of the library during the fiscal year than ended June 30th, 2010. Included were a Usage and Checkout report, Meetings and Programs report, and Financial Take-In report.

The Usage and Checkout report included a breakdown of materials used in the library and checked out from the library of various types, including adult fiction/nonfiction, juvenile fiction/nonfiction, youth fiction/nonfiction, DVDs, audio books, music CDs, computer games, and periodicals. Services in house, such as computer usage, internet usage, reference aid and computer aid were also included in this report.

Yearly total: 69, 984 Weekly average: 1,345

The Meeting and Program Report showed a total of 207 meetings/programs held in the library with a total attendance of 2,763.

These meetings and programs included everything from pre-school story hour to hosting New Mexico Census Training. Local individuals, groups, classes, discussion groups, clubs and others use this building throughout the year. So do groups on a state level. Programs that come from inside and out of the state are hosted when possible at the library. Programs and meetings are forbidden to be held on a 'for profit' basis in the library.

The Financial Take-In Report showed money coming in from donations, memorial book donations, fines and fees and copies and faxes, totaling $10,673.34
Grants and GO Bond money totaled $24,878.66.

It was explained that funds that come from fines/fees and copies/faxes go back into the city's general fund. Memorial book money is used to buy those books specified as memorials. Donations are used as the donors specify. If that is left up to the library, it is used to aid in programming, the purchase of books and materials, or other ways that benefit the patrons of the library.

The New Mexico State Library Grant-in-Aid has limitations on what it may be used for as well criteria that must met to qualify for this yearly grant. The GO Bond funds must also be used in specific ways (materials and computer needs) and have a time line by which those funds must be spent.